Hair Problems Treatment

Indraluptham (Alopaecia):

the aggravated vatha and Pitha causes the falling of hair and prevent further growth of hairs in that region leading to patches of hair less areas on the scalp.

Indraluptham – Vatha vitiates along with Pitha enters the hair roots and destroys the hair at its roots and Kapha along with raktha produces upalepana and stops hair growth.


Etio-pathology of alopaecia:

Deranged Pitha in hair follicle along with deranged Vatha dosha acts upon its tip as well as on the root and destroys it as a result of which hair loss occurs. Deranged Pitha in turn leads to derangement of raktha dhatu and Kapha dosha. The Kapha dosha loses its normal consistency and becomes more viscous and sticky and as a result of this changes the viscid Kapha along with raktha dosha blocking the opening of romakupa (pores of hair). So further growth of hairs is inhibited.

Alopaecia – absence or loss to hair from skin areas where it is normally found
Alopaecia areta – circumscribed loss of hair on the scalp and beard
Alopaecia capitis totalis – total loss of hair on the scalp
Cicatricial Alopaecia – loss of hair associated with scarring
Male pattern Alopaecia – hair loss in males, which begins in the frontal region and progresses to leave behind a horse shoe area of hair remains in the back and temples due to the influence of androgenic hormone.
Alopaecia medicamentosa – diffuse hair loss of the scalp due to the administration of cytotoxic agents
Alopaecia totalis – total loss of hair on the scalp
Alopaecia universalis – total loss of hair from all parts of the body


The classical treatment of indraluptham as described in Ayurveda are venection at the place of hair loss, pricking with sharp needles at the site of hair loss, external herbal powder or herbal juices application, hasthidantha mashi (burnt ash of ivory), etc.  During the treatment time one should avoid washing the site of hair fall till hairs grow.  In indraluptham, Vamanam (medicated emesis), Nasyam (nasal drops application), head and face massage, external herbal applications are advised according to the condition.


Daranakam (dandruff) – Vatha and Kapha dominated disease on the scalp. Symptoms are itching, hair falling, burning sensation, dryness of scalp and hair, falling and breaking of hair, etc. Also this may some time produces minute cracks on the scalp.

The treatment of this is regular bath, external application of herbs, Nasyam (putting oil through the nose), sirovasthy (retaining herbal oil on the head with a rexin fitted cap), dhara (oil continuously dripping on the head) etc. and in severe cases blood letting by venesection of the forehead vein.


Dandruff: It is an exaggeration of the scaling process by which the skin renews itself or is an excess amount of scaly materials composed of dead keratinised epithelium shed from scalp. Problem of dandruff can have variety of reasons, for eg. Poor blood circulation in the head, use of harsh shampoos and a too oily head etc.

Aroomshika – Pitha, raktham, kapha, worms etc causes some prickly heat like substances in the scalp, which has oozing also at times.
Aroomshika – bloodletting, neem bark decoction for washing, lepana with herbal powders, kottam powder fried and mixed in oil, malathyadi thailam, Vamanam.


Baldness (khalitha): produced same as indraluptham, but here the hair fall is slow. The thejas (Pitha) in the hair follicles combines with Vatha and gets vitiated and will digest the hair root to cause baldness. Those, which are, like burnt with fire and also with no hairs, and with burning sensation all over the body is having very poor prognosis.


Palitham (pre-mature greying): The reason for premature greying is also same as that of baldness. The Pitha and ushna (internal heat) generated due to anger, grief and stress strike at the head (or hair root) resulting in premature greying of hair. Those who have grief, overexertion, anger along with the body temperature reaches the head, vitiates either one or all the vital energies like Vatha and results in the greying of hairs.

The treatment for this includes Nasyam with neem oil and rice with milk as food, applications of oils like neelyadi thailam, prapaundarikadi thailam, etc.


Head lice: Lice are a small insects living in dirty conditions. So if you have lice in your head that means you have neglected the hygiene of your head. A very simple way to avoid this problem is to keep the head clean.

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