Obesity Treatment

The Ayurvedic approach to Weight Loss.

The Ayurvedic approach to drugs in general is quite different from what we’ve been used to.  Herbal supplements can be of great benefit in weight control without the negative side effects of conventional drugs.  According to Ayurveda, herbs are really a link between the body of a given individual and the larger environment of the world, or even the universe.  Herbs are essentially manifestations of light.  According to Ayurveda, fat has to be treated and metabolism has to be corrected.  Ayurvedic medicines can build an immune system that lasts for a lifetime and can correct the harm done over the years.  Ayurveda defines obesity as the imbalance of one of the 3 doshas i.e. Kapha.  When Kapha increases, fat metabolism gets hampered and the person becomes obese.




Ayurvedic herbs help to reduce Kapha, which is the basis of fat accumulation, and improves fat metabolism, so further fat deposition will not take place.  These medicinal herbs can correct Kapha imbalance and help in weight control.  Once a person’s metabolism is correct it is easy for him to maintain his weight using his diet control.


The salient features of the treatment are:

  1. Pure Herbal / Ayurvedic medicines
  2. No appetite suppressant pills or magic formulations
  3. Flexi-friendly weekly diet plan
  4. No crash dieting, No mono diets
  5. Exclusive passive exercise by advanced technology make you feel energetic
  6. No active exercise, hence no exhaustion, no fatigue, no collapse, no over-tiredness
  7. No sprays, No gels
  8. No side effects at all



By doing Udwarthanam, it liquefies the medas i.e. Soshana of medas, in two ways.


Rubbing body with powdered medicine without mixing with oil or dravadravya


Rubbing of body with pasted from of medicine mixed with oil or dravadravya.

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