Types of Hair

Normal hair

  1. It is shiny yet not greasy and fairly easy to manage.
  2. It flies about a little a day after the set but it soon settles down and looks good for about a week.

Oily hair

  1. Looks good for a day or two after shampooing but quickly becomes lank.
  2. Groups of hair cling together in unattractive strands and the head feels dirty.
  3. It often has the problem of dandruff.

Dry hair

  1. It is difficult to control dry hair after shampooing.  Looks dull and have ends that are dry and split.  Even just before shampooing the ends look dry.
  2. The head too feels dry and sometimes itchy.  Dry hair breaks of very easily.
  3. Sometimes there are dry flakes of skin around the hairline.




In Ayurveda persons with too much hair in the body as well as with very little hairs are considered to be of not good quality.

Ideal man should have hairs on the body and head with qualities like healthy, slightly oily, smooth, thickly packed, straight, etc.

The face of an individual is a personal identity in which hair plays a significant role.  Therefore, a perfect head with hair is an attribute of personality and beauty.

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